Can Car Accidents Be Caused by Stop Sign Violations

Stop sign violations and accidents
According to the National Institute of health, almost 700,000 accidents a year occur at intersections that are controlled by stop signs. More than 30 percent of those accidents result in injuries.

Stop signs are fundamental to driving. Drivers encounter them on a daily basis. We all recognize a stop sign, but they’re often ignored, or the law involving them is misunderstood. Some drivers are distracted or inattentive. Others don’t grasp the rule of who has the right-of-way when two vehicles stop at stop signs at the same time. Others aren’t observant. They might come to a complete stop at a two-way stop and think that it’s a four-way stop. Then there are the times that a stop sign is blocked by a tree branch, a large vehicle or another type of obstruction.

Where to stop for a stop sign
The stop sign statute in California is found in the California Vehicle Code section 22450. It’s quite simple. Regardless of whether there’s a limit line at a stop sign, drivers are required to stop at that limit line or before the crosswalk in an intersection. If there’s no defined crosswalk, they’re to stop immediately before the intersecting roadway. If a driver is approaching a stop sign at a railroad crossing, the driver must stop at the limit line. If there’s no limit line, he or she must stop before the first track. State law requires drivers to obey all of these stop sign rules. A driver’s failure to do so can cause an accident, and he or she can be found liable for damages.

Side impact injuries
Unless a stop sign accident involves a rear-end collision, it’s likely that there will be a side impact. Spinal injuries are the most common type of side impact injury. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments get stretched and torn from sudden and forceful back and forth movement. This type of trauma affects spinal nerve roots and discs. Concussions aren’t unusual either from side impacts. They’re caused when sudden acceleration-deceleration forces cause the brain to slam against the inside of the skull in either a back and forth motion or sideways after a forceful impact.

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