How does a DUI affect your insurance?

How long is a DUI recorded on a driver’s record?

In the majority of states, you’re looking at three to five years. In some places, a DUI is automatically expunged after three years, just like any other traffic infraction. It will remain on your driving record for ten years in California.

Please keep in mind that a driver’s license is distinct from a criminal record. A DUI conviction may remain on your criminal record indefinitely.

What effect does a DUI have on your insurance rate?

If you have a DUI conviction, your insurance rate will increase. Insurance companies may deem DUI drivers to be riskier to insure and may even deny coverage. Certain insurers will recommend consumers with a DUI to Progressive, as we accept DUI drivers and increase premiums by an average of approximately 13% on a national basis* after a single DUI.

Your rate increases by 13% after your first DUI.

The period of time since the DUI, your age, and your driving history will all affect the amount of the increase. For instance, if you’ve never been in an accident or received a speeding ticket and your DUI is the only blemish on your record, your rate is unlikely to increase significantly.

Once the DUI violation is removed from your motor vehicle report, your car insurance rate should reduce.

Am I covered if I am involved in an accident while driving drunk?

Yes. You are protected up to the policy limits for any accident, regardless of fault or whether you were impaired by drink or drugs. This includes damage to your vehicle or the property of another person, as well as their injuries.

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